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Suman Gupta
May 09, 2021
In Share Your Memory
Sweet memories: i am feeling nostalgic and really do not know how I will be able to put in to words. Sunil Jain my jiju on 13th May 1989 ,i had called half of my class for my sisters wedding. I had just finished my schooling and took admission in the college,as usual I was young and excited after my sisters marriage,I use to go to Dera wala town where my sister began her journey,I remember whenever I used to go,how much care ,love affection my jiju wiil show,used to buy nice expensive clothes which college student could not afford,we never had car ,I remember how good it was to explore new hotels and Restaurants,also all Jain pilgrimages be it Mahavirli,tijara ir Shikharji, I visited all with him . I did my B,Ed and M com and gave all exams and he was always encouraging me and giving me lift for the same,After marriage ,things changed ,I had my struggles but intellectually we always remained in touch ,visits were less frequent but yes compatibility was always good.Recently in 2020 and 2021 ,we met ,we spoke and we interacted, He can never be forgotten ,and will a;ways be in my heart forever, I still remember aur chuniaya kya kar rahi hai?
Suman Gupta

Suman Gupta

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