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Our most beloved. He Will Forever Be Missed



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Remembering our beloved, Sunil

This site was created in memory of our beloved, Sunil Kumar Jain - a loving husband and father


Born in Delhi


Our father was a fun and loving person who wanted to travel and experience everything big or small. He was a real hard-working and honest man who always stood up for what is right and fought for justice. He was a self-made man who lost his father at the age of 17 and saw much turmoil growing up. But even after so much struggle, he never gave up partly because he loved to eat spicy food and wanted to eat from every desi place known to man.

At the end of the day, all he wanted was for his close family members to become independent and watch any action movie that had a Hindi dubbing. He was the mountain that shielded us from the troubles and stresses of the world and moreover, imparted his wisdom to us every step of the way.

We lost him due to the COVID-19, however, his memories and spirit always live within us, eternally.

We love you and always pray for your peace & happiness wherever you are!

His Life


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